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Bound, helpless, and horny, they beg for orgasms

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

WiredPussy: real, erotic electrostimulation. Pictures and videos of female electroplay, bondage, whipping, spanking and domination. Huge orgasms induced by electrostimulation.

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

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Bella had been fantasizing about BDSM since childhood.
07:47, 2009-Dec-8

Bondage videos Private spankings

Sample of asian bondage story: I look forward to a day full of fun and games with these sluts they will not deserve everything they get, but I will enjoy giving it to them! At 9am on Saturday, I find that Jo and our boss are at work. When we are alone, I tell her that I have everything ready for her and that I want her to prove to me that she is willing to submit totally. In order to prove it, I instruct her to tease our boss while I am in the same room with them. ..

If strip clubs actually offered bars with women tied to them, they would be worth going to. As it is, strip clubs leave me broke and frustrated! Nina gets some nice ties in this set including some good orgasms.

Private spankings

Their helpless bodies are flogged and their shaved pussies fingered

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lesbian forced anal
06:46, 2009-Dec-8

Witch torture Free spanking videos

A bit of asian bondage story: She knew if she let any fall out she'd probably be treated as the toilet again for the whole household. They were purchased by Paul's courier to be either used in Paul Lance's network or sold into slavery. Then they either became highly valuable merchandise to sell as slaves or to work in Paul's top secret brothels for paedophiles in Queensland and Sydney, or to join Paul's personal retinue of sex toys. ..

Mistress Harmony's got her hands full with these two delicious slave sluts. Gorgeous red head Justine Joli and the sexy latina Sativa Rose are made to pleasure each other while spanked and teased. Then tied to a bed, they are used as fuck toys for Harmony's satisfaction. Featuring bondage, ass licking, spanking, flogging, tongue kissing, strap-on, hot wax and forced orgasms.

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Real woman-on-woman power play

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stream rape free lesbian
11:19, 2009-Dec-4

Secretary bondage Free spanking video clips

Sample of asian bondage story: You're a great piece of tail Sam, a woman of twenty-five couldn't be better looking. My daughter was masturbating with that slime watching her, ordering her. I realized, Joel had turned his head and was starring right at me. He ordered, while smiling his contempt. His free hand lifting up her tee-shirt and pulling down her bra. He just continued to stare at me, while bending down to suck on the closest nipple, his hand going to the other nipple and roughly pinching it. ..

Emerald is back for more hard punishment by Kym Wilde.

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Real lesbian BDSM powerplay


lesbian wiling rape
01:47, 2009-Dec-4

Girls like spanking Bondage equipment

Little asian bondage story: Don't touch her with your hands, just use your tongue, naughty little bitch. When they saw this they both got wide-eyed asking me not to spank them with the rope. This is for. Now I had both bare bottoms before me and commenced to spanking both sets of buns with my strap. After this spanking I turned them both over onto their backs. Now, due to the way I tied their ankles, both were laying on their backs and legs were wide open exposing everything. ..

Audrey is new to S&M and naturaly tends to giggle when nervous. This was fuel for Kym to put her in place. After some face slapping, flogging, hair pulling and interesting candle play, there were no more giggles to be heard.

Bondage equipment

Sexy S&M strap-on action


Keeani gets bound, gagged, and oiled up nicely.
09:28, 2009-Dec-2

Torture sex Anal torture

He didn't care. He grabbed the handle of the whip, rammed it roughly in and out of her a few times, and then yanked it out. He sat on the edge of the tub and held the handle up to her mouth. Clean it, Jane. Clean your lover off. Please don't make me. His calm, low tone chilled her. You are going to be very, very sorry if you don't. Thoroughly. She stopped once and asked him for a drink of water. I'll give you something to wash it down with in a little while. ..

We have had a pretty good run on bondage virgins lately. Nadia has never been tied up before, not even at home, not even to a bed. She found out fast that she loves bondage, and wants it. I love new girls because they don't know how to "act" yet; all the reactions are as pure as you get. Despite the fact that she was new, I didn't let up on her one bit. She took a hard hair tie, a foot caning, and an inverted one-leg suspension. Nadia went from bondage virgin to veteran in four short hours.

Anal torture

Real bondage, real bondage loving women/slaves

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Seven gets some tickle torture from Torque.
07:45, 2009-Dec-2

Public bondage Bondage fetish

Some asian bondage story: I stood at this door before and watched them wrestling with each other until one or the other would tire and then be dominated by the other, the winner making the loser do what was wished. When I entered I acted stunned and shocked at what I saw before me. we're only playing uncle Jack, said Mellisa. just look at you two. Get dressed immediately both of you before I lose my temper, bend you both over and spank both of those naughty bottoms. ..

Katja goes back to the basics. Bound in several positions, we gag her, we cane her, we force out a few orgasms. She gets some neck play, and is tied in an old fashion chair tie, ankle tied to her pussy rope! A cruel double bind, but she deals and still has energy for a great orgasm at the end. Beautiful girl, inescapable bondage, back to basics.

Bondage fetish

Sexy slaves/women are bound into submission


Isis love, forced to squirt, bound, gagged. Tight crotch ropes.
07:15, 2009-Dec-2

Bondage fiction Torture gallery

A bit of asian bondage story: In the first place, I had not yet won her servitude, and in the second place, it is quite impossible to take advantage of a damsel while wearing armor. As the affair turned out, I was favored by fortune. Seeing me prepared to challenge his right to the maiden, I suspect that he too would have as soon gone elsewhere. He seemed to shrug, an odd movement for a dragon, and made his first pass. Damned nuisance, that! It would have to be cleaned almost immediately. ..

Amber Rayne is back and the Sgt. does what he does best. He breaks Amber in with a tight crotch rope and then he has his way with our pretty little shaved girl next door. With elbows bound tightly together Amber is forced to suck cock. Not happy with just that the Sgt uses her ass and uses it well. Finally Amber gets tied spread and ass fucked into submission.

Torture gallery

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Jandi's clear plastic head harness is buckled on brutally tight.
11:28, 2009-Nov-29

Female domination Female domination

A piece of asian bondage story: 1 for him, 1 for me, and three that we put into a safety deposit box with the originals. We could hear the girls laughing as they approached the door about an hour later; they'd been out drinking. They sobered up very quickly! Nikki swore. I walked up to her and stared in her eyes. I reached up her mini-skirt, grabbed her panties, and pulled them halfway down her thighs. Tim was playing with their breasts and telling them to be patient. ..

The moment Sabrina Sparx arrives on set, her exuberant, loquacious and downright hyperactive personality begins to flood the room with cheer and giggles. Not in any mood for cheer and with no use for giggles, cyd unceremoniously bends her over a bar, straps her down and shoves a cold steel hook up her ass. The rest of the shoot goes even harder for Sabrina. The hogtie she is put in is downright brutal, and it comes complemented with a tight face harness ball gag and a set of humiliating nose hooks. This shoot could alternatively be titled "Sabrina Sparx gets an attitude adjustment." When it's done, all the giggling has ceased.

Female domination

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

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weblog rape lesbian teen
06:58, 2009-Nov-28

Bondage torture Women in bondage

A piece of asian bondage story: I can only perform my duties when I work for an old fashioned family. I must have this job sir. Dropping the towel to the floor she continued, Sir, you have some new clothes for me to put on, I assume, before you punish me for my misbehavior. Yes, I do. She turned and walked to the corner and stood there silent, her red hair hanging halfway down against that alabaster back. Jacobson had provided me. ..

It turns out that Tierra wasnt much into SM. So this is a playfull scene where Jamie and Kym have fun with her. Next week Jamie Gillis will do a much more intense scene dominating Kym.

Women in bondage

Sexy/beautiful women submit

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lesbian rape videos
09:27, 2009-Nov-26

Free bondage Instruments of torture

Some asian bondage story: Every few minutes I would jump up, rap on the door, and then slip behind the shrubs again. (I found out much later that Charlie had turned on the shower, sneaked down the stairs, and waited until I went for the paper. When I tried to get back inside, the patio doors were locked, and I got drenched. When he left me in, he noticed that my nipples were hard, and when we made love shortly thereafter, and it seemed different that time. ..

The beautiful LieLani returns to whippedass to be dominated by Nikki Nievez. LieLani reacts strongly to punishment while she's tightly restrained. But she accepts each painful challenge and receives big orgasms for her bravery. Nikki also fucks her aggressively with a big strapon cock!

Instruments of torture

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lesbian rape threesome
06:57, 2009-Nov-23

Spanking girls Tickling feet be torture

A piece of asian bondage story: The doctor pushed the tip of the thing into her back hole. It felt hot as it traveled up her ass. He worked the baster in and out of her hole. Her now slick asshole spasmed as the hard plastic tube was removed. The doctor then pressed a butt plug into her spasming anus. Nancy, now it's your turn, he said, Do it. The latex clad beauty put a leg on either side of June's head so that her dripping muff was directly over her face. ..

Chloie Madison is truely into being dominated. Miss Audrey beats every part of her body and fucks her good with a strap-on. Then she is hogtied and forced to worship Audrey's shoes and feet. Lastly, she is sprayed down with cold water and left to dry.

Tickling feet be torture

Masochistic women/slaves get bound/spanked

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anime lesbians rape
09:33, 2009-Nov-20

Adult spanking Leather bondage

A bit of asian bondage story: You do your hair and makeup and then you look at yourself in the mirror. You are glad that your pussy is shaved as a dark haired pussy would also be instantly visible through the light sun dress. The wait is not long before the doorbell rings. This simple act of submission is scary. You keep your skirt raised until I give you permission to lower it. You are very curious about where we are going but you know better than to ask. ..

Kylie Wilde is a hot blonde with a rock hard body. Savannah Stern dominates her sexually and with punishment. She makes Kylie feel some pain and discomfort before exhausting her with orgasms. Kylie's pretty face is smothered in Savannah's pussy, asshole and tits. She is also fucked with a strap-on while in steel restraints and suspended.

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69 minutes of Harmony tied up live
02:39, 2009-Nov-12

Asian bondage Gay male bondage

Some asian bondage story: Do you know what I have in this box? I asked. A shudder ran through her suspended body and she started shaking her head no with much more animation than before. She stared back at me but didn't make a sound. I went to a box that was nearby, took out some latex surgical gloves, a bottle of alcohol and some large cotton swabs. As they rose, I glanced at Lynn and saw that she was shaking, but still, she made no sound. ..

Welcome world famous Justine Joli in her first hogtied shoot. Justine normally only does girl/girl scenes, however for us she let loose. Matt Williams and the Sgt have their way with our sexy newcomer in the next-door basement. Justine always wanted to be bound, dominated, and forced to cum by two men, so who are we to disappoint.

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Bound, gagged and helpless - a slave"s dream

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Faith is back, supporting a new look and sexy as ever.
00:37, 2009-Nov-12

Female nipple torture Sexual torture

A piece of asian bondage story: One understanding that seems to be common is that, before getting into the game, neither of the participants are to indulge in alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, the word `STOP!' can be used in many situations, none of which have anything to do with actually stopping! Therefore, `Code Words' must be agreed upon well in advance, and any Dominant worth their salt will go through everything with you well in advance of the game. ..

Another new face for Hogtied. Kelly likes bondage - it turns her on to fight. She loves roll-playing the victim. Sexy and tough, she takes some very hard bondage positions and foot punishment. After the shoot she admits that she will definitely do more bondage in her private life. Another Hogtied success story.

Sexual torture

Real bondage, real bondage loving women/slaves

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